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Visiting Author - Guest Speaker

Dannie Russell, an international educator, has shared her work in International Schools as a visiting author.

She is available for storytelling,

Student workshops,

Teacher workshops and

Parent workshops

While on-the-road she offers pointers for what makes a succinct and pithy paragraph and how to write Gangnam style while thrashing-out the ingredients of a smart, well turned-out book.

Mizz Dannie adheres to a three-pronged philosophy:

Write like your fingers are on fire,

Invent the truth when necessary


Revise, Revise, Revise.

Dannie Russell is available to speak to clubs and organizations about her book, Home Is Where My Earrings Are, international education and the reflective life.

She is currently working on Earrings On Safari, reflections on issues in Africa, due out in 2014.

To contact Dannie Russell, E-Mail her.