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The book is simply such a good, honest, stylishly written read. Of course, there was Ethiopia, but I also spent many weeks, over two periods, as a resident in the Manila Hotel in 1985-1986 waiting for Marcos to fall. Imelda received us with a smile at the Palace and Marcos would lecture us for hours. Being with TIME got us access, and of course, my colleague Sandy Burton, who was on the plane with Nony when he was shot, was an icon in the country.

China…. Perfect. I wish I had travelled there as early as you did. But you did it up perfectly. And so much more: staying in the National in Taipei. The trials of moving. And the beloved sad Cambodians (more people who deserved better leaders), where I spent months in 1973-1974.

Your writing on your work at the Thai border was so good: so honest, just as what you wrote about Ethiopia was written with the rose colored glasses of selective memory securely locked in the desk drawer. So much of the writing about the personal past is colored brightly, and dishonestly. And few people write about how terrified we were when suddenly we found ourselves with all the adults and we had no idea what we were doing there. But we -- you!!! -- did it, the best we could and that best was, actually, it turns out, pretty good, pretty adult. And you re-live those moments of fear and uncertainty.

I though perhaps I would not feel as strongly about your Saudi section, but I found myself reading it late into the night, fascinated by your access to and your observations on the Saudis and Saudi expat society. I could see those dinner parties and understood more now. I loved your Ramadan sections. And I'm looking forward to the Iraq war. I spent weeks in Iraq during Saddam's days and the Iraq-Iran war.

And you should consider submitting it to the Library of Congress's Peace Corps writer’s collection which is made up for several hundred books which deal with the Peace Corps experience.

Barry Hillenbrand, Foreign correspondent, TIME magazine

What a book! What a life!. You have to be the bravest people I've ever met. Not only do you put these things behind you, but you go out and look for more as in the Cambodian refugee experience and the Afghanistan adventure. This is a terrific book and while I particularly -- and understandably -- savored the Saudi section, I was fascinated by the rest of your story.

Please accept my sincere congratulations on a unique, exciting and beautifully written book. I'll cherish it. And thank you for putting us in it; it's an honor to be included in such a distinguished cast of characters. You're a wonder.

Fran Meade, Senior Consultant for Global Dynamics

This book is the stuff of adventure stories. Told in the first person by a flippant, sensitive, observer of life. Better than a vacation. If the economy and the election are boring you to death, spend some time with Dannie and Daryle. A fabulous life told in a fabulous way, more fun than almost anything.

Judy Bee, Management Consultant, LaJolla CA



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