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Praise for
Home is Where My Earrings Are

The tone was wonderful; the language incredible, the use of similes and metaphors is outstanding. I loved the voice. I wondered if you did the research after your travels or did you write lengthy epistles after events so you wouldn't forget? Absolutely amazed at names, places and times. I am sure they are faultless. I loved the maps and the pictures give an intimacy that a reader would look for. I felt I was with you on the journey. You have a way of getting the reader right there by your side. And, the language by Imelda was hysterical, I laughed out loud.

Joanne Petitti, Playwright, St Pete, Florida

I love your Ethiopia security guard, Philippine First Lady Imelda's English accent, now going through how you failed to become a beautiful CIA undercover, like the movie star. I love your book.

Ginettelai Bandung, Taiwan/Indonesia

I have read your absolutely fabulous book! Your writing is truly wonderful! The book is so exciting that it reads like an adventure novel! I can hardly believe this is a first book. I have read so many books about living and traveling the world and none are as good as yours. I will make sure that my family reads it and I have already posted a review on my Facebook page for my FB friends. I am so proud of you. I was surprised to read that you have survived cancer. I hope that you are now cancer free. Hope that you have a smash success with your book because it deserves to be read by everyone.

Gwen Block, Minnesota

I agree. And I am sure you relate to a lot of this book! When I get back home, I plan on re-reading it! Anyone who has ever lived abroad should put it on their must read list!

Julie A. Goettl, Global Mom

I finished your book yesterday - I couldn't put it down. You are a powerful story teller and I enjoyed the adventures. Thanks for sharing so much of your life and inner discourse. Your voice rang so wonderfully clear it was like having you there telling the tales in person.

Paul Renner, PCV Ethiopia. Potter, Artist, Rogue River

Stayed up entirely too late reading Dannie Russell's new book, "Home is Where My Earrings Are". Dannie is the wife of our beloved high school principal Dr. Russell (don't those words still make you sit up a little straighter?!) Fascinating account of so many events in Manila that I remember hearing about (Declaration of Martial Law, explosion at Meralco, etc.) Go directly to Amazon and order it ... you won't be sorry!

Liz Dixon Evans, TCK Philippines, et al



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