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Home is Where My Earrings Are

One thing's for sure: Even if Dannie Russell doesn't know where she will next be living, she sure as heck knows where her earrings are! What a fabulous read. Many consider themselves world travelers because they've been to Paris, London and Rome. Outside of the realm of her expectations, Dannie and husband Daryle have been to Ethiopia, Kampuchea, Kenya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nepal and plenty of other places that I never knew existed, let alone places I simply cannot pronounce.

Dannie writes in living color. Her vivid imagery and sense of humor combined with a knack for story-telling and personal photos make this book a pure pleasure to read. Her story of Michael Jackson and the subject of his single glove puts you smack dab in the midst of Middle East conversations whirling around the room.

Her ability to adapt culturally and with a strong sense of humor is amazing. Following a SCUD attack, her group staged a SPUD attack featuring a baked potato bar, condiments, salad and "Tuesday's wine" (dare we ask...). At the bottom was a simple message: "Dress Code - Gas Mask Optional. Safe Room provided."

Dannie is an adventurous, amazing woman who has conquered fears, braved cancer and written a book that should be read aloud in book clubs, reading groups and schools all over the world.

Caroline McKeon, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Tampa, FL

Okay, I finished it today, just now. I know now that although I thought I knew you Russells, we were living in alternate universes! I didn't know you felt unwelcomed when you first arrived - I wish we could do that part over. I loved your stories, especially because I knew they were the truth. The chapters about the Gulf War were mesmerizing - we knew we'd missed something by the skin of our teeth (leaving in JUNE! Kuwait invaded in AUGUST!!) I can picture the 'safe room' under the stairs - ha - I know it had to smell like fermenting wine, like our space under the stairs. You are a wonderful writer and I know everyone is going to love your book. SO DANNIE - what's the next one going to be about?

Deb Lapota LoCascio, Choral Director of Music, American School, Vienna, Austria

I loved the book. When I read a book written by someone I know, I ask myself 'would I like this if I didn't know the author'? The answer is frequently "no", but yours is a resounding yes! Your descriptions of places and people rank with the best travel writing. Your end-chapters on Afghanistan were a real education for me. I've never before been able to get a feel for the forces at work in the country, starting with a definition of Taliban. The chapters should be summarized and printed in Foreign Affairs ,The New Yorker, or some such comparable magazine. Doing so would advance the West's understanding of the country far beyond its present sorry state.

Denny Block, Minnesota, USA



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