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Home is Where My Earrings Are

Dannie! Your book arrived in Manila and I couldn't put it down! Really loved all your stories, your eye for every single detail! Every scene, every conversation was so alive! My goodness, what a good memory you have! Have recommended it to the counselors at ISM, as they are always looking for good books to share/discuss with parents in their reading groups. Congratulations! Please start your next book already! And tell Daryle he should write one too! MABUHAY!

Vicky Herrera , Philippines, Guidance Counselor, Philanthropist


I am reading slow; English isn't my mother tongue, but am impressed by your style. I can 'smell' your interest in 'like' everything! The way you can describe your observations in life is very realistic. I wish I had more time to spend with you!! The best sentence for now, for me is: page 31; 'Outside the winery a small peep of chickens pecked at invisible grain and unseen bugs.'

Vivian Curfs, Netherlands, Indonesia

Wonderful Reflection… This book more than met my expectations. As her husband said, “Marry me and I will show you the world.” Dannie takes us on a journey that covers decades in a number of countries with humor and historical perspective. This book is my favourite of 2012.

Cindy H. Coolidge, Former Board Chair, ISOI, Islamabad, Pakistan



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